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Verian Sky

In the world of Veria, massive armored airships prowl the skies in search of their foes. Armed with banks of cannon and kept aloft by mysterious magics, they are the most potent symbols of military might in the world. Shown here are three of the most iconic airships of Veria: the versatile Uralom Empire-class cruiser, swift Gibrian Shrike-class destroyer, and immense Talakim Thunderlord-class battleship.

All renders were created in Autodesk Maya 2013. Textures were created used Adobe Photoshop CS2.


Works created for USC's Institute for Media Literacy usually combine traditional scholarship with modern media methods such as video and interactivity to demonstrate an academic argument.


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A simple piece that describes, through interaction, the concept of "agency" as it applies to storytelling. This work demonstrates the difference between a traditional story, where all agency rests in the hands of the author, and an emergent narrative where it can be divided between author and audience.


This early work, developed in Flash, poses the question of how far a definition (in this case, "car") can be stretched before it no longer applies. A gallery of images of cars and other vehicles is navigated according to the tags that describe them, leading the user through minor changes that add up to substantial differences.

Species and Stereotype

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This video, created with footage from Bioware's Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, showcases the franchise's message on race and society, as delivered through the metaphor of species. Everyone, regardless of background, is a unique individual that defies attempts to be categorized casually or easily.


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This program, built by hand in Python, constructs a warband for the Ork faction of Warhammer 40:000. The user selects forces to fill each of the positions available on their roster, customizes those squads by adding members, equipping them with exotic wargear, and making other selections, and the program compiles the army into a single, easily readable list. The program shows the army's points value in real time and the user can go back to any previous selection, allowing them to adjust their forces as needed to hit a desired size.


Predator Patrol [youtube]

This animation was built in Autodesk Maya using handmade models inspired by Command and Conquer: Tiberium Wars. In addition to basic modeling and lighting, it uses specular, glow, and bump maps.

Chess Match [youtube]

A second animation using NURBS surfaces and nonlinear deformer animation to create more organic, lifelike shapes and motions.